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Our bakery and cafe is inspired a lot from how we as a collective have been out and travelled and lived, its not that we are one thing, but we are many.  We love being a local hangout spot, focus on super simple and nice breakfast and lunch. Naturally our little sourdough bakery, where you can come and grab to go stuff.

Please note that this menu is intended for inspiration only. It does not necessarily represent the exact selection of dishes offered on the particular day. We believe in surprising our guests with unforgettable flavors and presentations, and therefore, we update the menu in line with the availability of fresh ingredients and our chefs' creative impulses.

Dishes : 

Beans, tomato, dashi and 7 mins egg 160.- 

Soft boiled egg , sourdough bread, Comte and butter 120.- 

Omelette, kale and kale pesto 155.- 

Kefir yoghurt, granola and basil 135.- 

Sourdough sandwich with pastrami, cheddar and pickles 150

Potato cake, creme cheese and cured salmon 150.- 

Fat pancake, berries and whipped butter 165.- 

Toast with pumpkin and cheddar 155.- 

Stracciatella, tomatoes , burnt citrus 150.- 

Salad from Herfra, cucumber, pistachio, zucchini and Parmesan 155


Pizzas : 13:00 

Tomato sauce - garlic oil. 175.- 

Oyster mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic 195.- 

Zucchini, lemon and parmesan 180.-

Bakery and counter

We will everyday have a selection of our bakery goods, sourdough bread, rye-bread and buns. 

you will also find a few different sourdough sandwiches,  yoghurt,  salads and maybe just a bun with egg-salad or  cheese to grab with you 

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