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At 17:3o we are transforming our cafe and bakery into a west Berlin inspired eatery and bar,  Where the focus is on simple cooking and italien inspired food,   Our menu is adjusted every day so we can invent new dishes as well as using all we have in our fridges.

Please note that this menu is intended for inspiration only. It does not necessarily represent the exact selection of dishes offered on the particular day. We believe in surprising our guests with unforgettable flavors and presentations, and therefore, we update the menu in line with the availability of fresh ingredients and our chefs' creative impulses.

Babbo tasting menu

We build a menu around a pizza that you freely* choose and share between the two of you. To which we add bread a few green dishes and a pasta. 


 7 Servings - 465 kr. per person

Wine menu 3 glass for 350.- 

Our ala carte


Olives 55.-

Terrine, mustard 100.-

Risotto balls 100.-

Stracciatella 90.-

Brioche, comte 100.-


Dishes : 

Tomat, ricotta, olive oil 155.- 

Celeriac, green sauce, salad 155.-

Salt Baked beets, whipped feta, hazelnuts 155.- 

Salted cod, sesame and fennel 165.-

Beans, peas, garlic butter 155.-

Cavolo Nero and pappardelle 195.-

Pork shoulder ragu, Parmesan and gnocchi 225.- 

Plaice, white wine sauce, chard and cuteness 325.-

Pizzas :

Tomato sauce - garlic  175.- 

Potato - mangold - parmesan  195.- 

Cream cheese - cured salmon - salat 180.- 


Chocolate custard and caramelized plums 100.-

Comte, onion jam and crispy bread 125.-

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